Organizing your jewelry

This has always been a challenge for me.  I really believe that jewelry (for me, it’s especially necklaces) can take your wardrobe the extra mile, and it’s also been one area that I’ve allowed myself to continually add to my “collection” because accessories rarely go out of style, and if they do — it’s not going to be for 5-10 years.  So I think it’s perfectly fine to keep necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even scarves for several years, (as long as you can trust yourself to spot the difference between a “classic” look, a “vintage” look, and a just plain “OUTDATED” look).

My inspiration started when I was watching a video on Tasra Mar’s blog where she uncluttered her house using Erin Doland’s book Unclutter Your Life in One Week as a guide.  If you’re interested in watching her videos, you can check out the whole series here. She tackles one area of her house in each episode.  I’ll be honest – I wasn’t blown away by her insights or even her progress.  We all have our own way of organizing our space to make it beautiful for ourselves, and mine didn’t mesh with hers.  BUT, I was still inspired to make some areas of my home more organized because of some of her ideas.  One of those areas was my jewelry collection!!

I’ve tried many different ways of organizing my jewelry in the past, and the ways that are available to you change with your space.  When I lived in an apartment before I got married, I had space on the inside of my closet door to hang lots of little plastic 3M hooks on which to hang my necklaces:

A good way to keep my necklaces and scarves easily accessible and tangle-free, but it did make a lot of noise each time I opened and closed the closet door.

When I moved into my husband’s house, we had to make due with a small closet space, and one that didn’t allow me to hang my necklaces the way I used to.  The solution I came up with was to use one of those hangers made for hanging multiple pairs of pants all at once.  I thought it was pretty clever.

This type of hanger also allows you to hang bracelets, as well as necklaces.

BUT.  If you don’t have a space to hang the hanger so that everything is visible (like on a wall), then it ends up being hung in your closet by the rest of your clothes, and you can only see what’s on the very edge.  Not so effective.

From this angle, I can only see 2 or 3 of my necklaces. Not so effective. Yet I lived with this system for about two years.

But this video by Tasra Mar gave me the inspiration to strive for something better.  I went to Home Depot and got a multi-prong rack like she had, and my wonderful husband said that he would help me re-purpose one of the shelves in our closet so that I would have a space to hang it!  Here’s what our closet shelves looked like before:

In order to have a space to hang the new jewelry rack, we had to eliminate one of the shelves, which meant finding a new home for some of our STUFF.

The top shelf was my jeans and casual khakis, and a few heavy sweaters.  The second shelf was my husband’s jeans and khakis.  We had to eliminate the second shelf, so I hung up my heavy sweaters, moved my husband’s jeans up to the top shelf, and hung up my husband’s khakis.  Then we were able to take out that shelf, and suddenly there was a nice open space to hang the jewelry organizer!

Wonderful! This view made my heart sing. I could see all my necklaces and have easy (and quick!) access to them each time I got dressed.

I’ve never been a big bracelet or ring person, but the few that I do own reside in the small plastic drawers, along with my earrings.  My scarves are folded next to the drawers.  I loved this solution, because (unlike Tasra Mar) I wanted my jewelry to be contained in the closet, because I didn’t want to look at it each day — just when I was getting dressed.  This allows us to close the closet door and keep everything out of sight.  I should mention that this is only my solution for the inexpensive “costume” jewelry I own.  For the more delicate, expensive pieces I own, I’ve always kept them stored in a leather jewelry box we keep on our dresser.  It was the perfect solution for us, because my husband keeps his picket knives, watches and other items in the top, and I keep my precious jewelry stored safely in the pull-out drawer.  I use the top tray to store the jewelry I wear every day (large diamond or pearl studs, circle pendant necklace my husband gave me, wedding ring, and the all-important chapstick) in plain sight.

This leather jewelry box is supremely functional for our purposes, but looks nice when it's closed as well.

This leaves us with an attractive, uncluttered dresser top, with no jewelry in sight.  Still, all my jewelry is now easily accessible.  It’s the perfect combination of form and function!


So – how do you store your jewelry?  What tricks have you found that work for your space?  All our spaces are different, as are our organizational needs….so please share!

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  1. So glad you were inspired to find your own solution! Everyone is so different in how they decorate and unclutter their spaces, I’m just thrilled the videos were enough to prompt you to find your own way of organizing your jewelry! Looks good too.

    I never used to like seeing my jewelry out, but since my mother in law passed away and I inherited her extensive jewelry collection, seeing the jewelry that was mostly hers is a wonderful reminder of the amazing, fashionable woman that she was. :-)

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